Wilbarger Therapy Brush  治療刷 - 改善注意力和幫助觸摸敏感
Wilbarger Therapy Brush  治療刷 - 改善注意力和幫助觸摸敏感

Wilbarger Therapy Brush 治療刷 - 改善注意力和幫助觸摸敏感

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Wilbarger Therapy Brush

Therapressure Brush(Therapressure刷子)是由開發了Wilbarger“刷療法的職業治療師Patricia Wilbarger設計的感官刷。








The Therapressure Brush is the sensory brush designed by Patricia Wilbarger, the occupational therapist who developed the Wilbarger protocol, also known as "brushing therapy".

Sensory brushes are designed to deliver a deep pressure massage to help improve sensory defensiveness. This essential tool can be used as part of the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol to help improve attention span and ability to transition between activities. Children with autism will see a decrease in the fear or discomfort of being touched, enhanced coordination, and better self-regulation.

It features high-density bristles, a handle that is attached, and an oval shape design that is easy to hold and easy to use.

Run the soft dense bristles over the skin with moderate pressure for a uniquely calming sensory experience. The portable size ensures that you'll have this calming brush wherever you are. For specific instructions on brushing therapy, it is best to speak with an occupational therapist or therapist trained in the Wilbarger Protocol

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